Permits valid for ten days. Must have permit prior to entering the state.

One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset, including Saturday and Sunday. Overweight only can have continuous travel.

No travel on state highways (except for I-80) in Lincoln weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays after 12:00 noon. Omaha restricted for the same times on all routes. On Cornhusker football home game Saturdays, travel on I-80 in Lincoln area is restricted, between exits 395 and 409, and the state highway system is closed to permit travel from Iowa line to Nebraska 14 and from Kansas line north to Nebraska 91. Nebraska permit office is closed on state holidays, including Arbor Day (last Friday in April). Travel restrictions apply on major holidays and holiday weekends. Check with the DSV’s Permit Office.

Width: 8'6" Height: 14'6"
Length/Overhang: 53' semi-trailer and load, 65' combination (multiple) trailers and load
Poles, pipes, beams, utility poles and other construction materials are exempt from permits for length or rear overhang. Weight: 80,000 Gross Single – 20,000 Tandem – 34,000 Tridem – 42,000 on designated roads, 34,000 on all other roads.

To permit for overweight, tractor should be registered for at least as much as you wish to permit, or for 94,000 pounds to permit for that much or more.
Divisible Loads Exceeding 80,000: You can exceed 80,000 gross without a permit on state highways as long as you are legal on all axle/group weights and you are licensed for at least the amount of your gross weight. However, if you need any Interstate route, you will need to get an "Interstate Use Permit."

Over 16' in width or height, over 100' length, or over 160,000 gross is a superload.
16' Height: Depends on overhead structures. Over 16' requires a route survey.
No set limit. If over 85' long on interstates, a light bar must be affixed to the rear of the trailer.
Single – 20,000 Tandem – 40,000 Tridem – 60,000 Quad – 70,000

Width: Over 12' – 1 escort*. *On interstate or 4-lane divided highways, a light bar attachment mounted on the rear of the load may allowed in place of an escort if stated on the permit. The light bar must be mounted at a height sufficient to be seen clearly by traffic to the rear, and must have a left and right rotating amber, yellow or flashing light large enough to be visible for a distance of at least 800 feet.
Length: Over 100' – 1 escort may be required. Over 100' – 1 escort
Height: Over 14’6” – front escort depending on route and load. Over 16' - route survey and height pole.

"Oversize Load" signs are required on front of the vehicle and rear of the load when width exceeds 10'. Flags, at least 18" square, are required on all four corners of the vehicle/vehicles when the load exceeds 12' in width. Rear overhang of 4' or more must display a red flag at least 12" square during daylight hours, and a steady burning read light visible for at least 200' at night. Overlength or over 4' rear overhang can run at night with steady-burning red light.

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